Me and Miscibility

Hi there!
I'm Chardynne — chemical engineer + UX designer.

Welcome to Miscibility, where creativity and technical expertise meet to produce effective design solutions. I'm thrilled to share my journey with you!

As a chemical engineer, I have seen firsthand how workflows in the industrial sector can escalate and become complex.

And as a UX designer, I have also seen how quickly user-friendly designs can be overlooked.
This is why I created Miscibility — to provide web and app design solutions tailored to various needs in the fields of science, technology, and engineering.
The name "Miscibility" was born from the concept of harmonious blending, much like the substances in a homogeneous mixture. This embodies the heart of my work — seamlessly blending design elements to create user experiences that flow effortlessly.

My design solutions revolve around simplifying intricate workflows in STEM fields, making them accessible to technical and non-technical users alike.
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Not in STEM but need a quick website built? Let's talk anyway! Send me a message or check out some of my work outside of STEM:
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